About Torque Industrial

Torque Industrial employs dozens of certified, red-seal journeymen, and services some of the industries most well-known and respected companies including BC Hydro, Enbridge and Canfor. In fact, these companies have relied on Torque since its inception, bearing witness to the evolution of a company that has grown to meet demands of a fast-paced industry. Many of Torque Industrial's first clients have continued to be a loyal source of repeat-business, referrals and growth.

Executed strategies and capitalized opportunities have shaped Torque into the company it is today. More importantly, the reputation it has earned has been all about service. "The keys to our success are no secret," says Torque's President, RJ Beaulieu, "It's all about service. We've been fortunate to earn business from great clients, and simply provide them with great service in return".

Over the years, Torque's exceptional service can be credited for its extremely high client retention rate. "We brand ourselves with words like safety, efficiency, respect, value and integrity. They are commitments and promises we make, and stand behind every day. Our clients acknowledge this, respect it, and hold us to these values. We've never let anybody down". Torque is admired by it's clients, but also respected by industry professionals seeking employment opportunities within the company. Having earned a reputation for being the best in the business while treating its employees extremely well, it's no surprise. "It's through the dedication and motivation of our people, that were able to provide such exceptional service to our clients. Our employees are the backbone of this company, and they deserve to be treated well".

With headquarters in Grande Prairie, and an office in Fort Nelson, Torque acknowledges the necessity of being involved in the communities it does business in. Local charity support, involvement in community initiatives, youth groups, and organizations, and offering great apprenticeship programs to young professionals are just a few examples of Torque's commitment to community and education.

CWB, ABSA, and other quality control programsi in place, Torque's services are guaranteed to be done right, on time, and safely. "Every day brings new challenges, which we're well-prepared for", says RJ, "being tasked with custom construction responsibilities, or challenged with unique/proprietary projects are simply opportunities for us to showcase our capabilities. Regardless of the project type or size, we're game".

Torque Industrial is competitively priced, available 24/7, and has the capacity to take on more projects. Call 780-832-0445 or inquire online.